Tips For Caring For Someone With Alzheimer's Disease At Home

When you live with a family member or friend that has Alzheimer's disease, you need to be prepared to make several changes in your home and with your lifestyle to provide the level of care needed. The good news is, it isn't difficult to transform your home into a space that is safe for your loved one and make simple changes in your schedule to accommodate his or her changing needs. Check out these tips to help you provide the best senior care possible.

De-Clutter Your Home

Cluttered houses pose several safety concerns for people with Alzheimer's disease. Difficulty walking is a common issue for Alzheimer's patients, so any type of clutter on the floor could be a hazard. In addition to clutter, you should consider removing any rugs from the floor, because it's common for people with Alzheimer's disease to shuffle their feet as they walk instead of lifting them up. Also, living in a cluttered home can make it difficult for someone with Alzheimer's disease to navigate throughout the house. You need to make it as easy as possible for your loved one to remember where specific rooms are located.

Hire In-Home Care

Look into hiring an in-home healthcare service that specializes in senior care. Typically, in-home care services offer hourly, half-day, and full-time care programs to assist elderly people living at home, and many companies have senior care staff members that are trained to work specifically with people that have Alzheimer's disease. When hiring a senior care specialist to help out in your home, it's important to discuss all of your family's needs, not just the needs of the Alzheimer's patient. This way, you can ensure someone, whether it's one of your family members or a senior care specialist, is at your home to care for your loved one 24-hours per day.

Take General Safety Precautions

To keep your loved one safe, and your day-to-day life moving as smoothly as possible, it's important to upgrade your home for safety. You should consider upgrading your bathroom to include a walk-in bathtub, a shower bench, and a grab bar. You should also consider installing child-proof locks throughout your home, as well as night lights and monitoring devices if needed. Any medications kept in your house, should be stored in a lock box so that they aren't easy to access, and you can help prevent accidental falls by installing bed rails on your loved one's bed.

Living with someone who has Alzheimer's disease isn't always easy. However, if you prepare your home so that it's a safe and loving place, and you consider hiring someone to help you provide the additional senior care that your loved one needs, the process is a lot easier. Contact a company like Paramount Parks At Eagle to learn more.