Top 4 Products That Will Give You the Neck Pain Relief You So Desperately Need

According to the American Osteopathic Association, not only is neck pain the third most common source of chronic pain, but it also affects an astounding quarter of the population in America. Seeking treatment from a chiropractor or an acupuncturist is an excellent idea, as these are all-natural methods of neck pain relief. In addition, you'll want to start using a few products that can help you feel good again. 

Neck Traction Cushions

Neck traction cushions work to stretch the muscles in the neck to bring about relief. They promote proper posture and work great for everything from whiplash to tension headaches. Some even come with a heat or cold therapy pack, although you are welcome to use your own with the cushion if you wish. You can even bring the cushion to your next massage therapy session as it gives the masseuse better access to your neck and shoulders.  

Neck and Shoulder Heat Wraps

There are a few different neck and shoulder heat wraps on the market, however, they are all designed to work the same way. When you place the wrap on the area where you feel pain, you'll begin to feel the heat go to work on your muscles. As the muscles begin to loosen up, you'll enjoy more flexibility and range of motion. The wraps are designed to be worn for a few hours, with the user continuing to experience neck pain relief for a few more hours after the wrap has been removed and discarded. 

Acupressure Pillow

Should you not have time to book sessions with an acupuncturist, you can take advantage of the acupressure pillow instead. This neck pain relief device is designed to increase the circulation and blood flow to the neck and surrounding areas. It will also aid in muscle relaxation, which is important if your neck discomfort comes from stress. This pillow is light weight and portable, so busy business men and women can take them to work to use over a lunch break. 

Electronic Pulse Massager

Although electronic pulse massagers cost a little more than the other products on this list, they are excellent tools for neck pain relief. The massager sends electrical pulses to the nerves in the neck, which then stops the nerves from telling the brain that you are in pain. The result is all-natural pain relief. You'll find the device is easy to use and you'll have no trouble setting the tool to your desired frequency. 

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