Three Reasons You Should Be Using Your Patient Portal

The patient portal is an online technology that allows you to keep track of your medical records. Your family doctor can help you learn how to sign into this portal so that you can begin to start using it. If you are unsure why using this technology would benefit you, you should know these three reasons why using it is going to be helpful for you long term:

Manage Your Records Easily:

Although you may see one family doctor regularly, there is always a chance that you will need to change doctors because of a move, change in health insurance, or for the simple fact that your family doctor has retired or started working in another medical field. Whatever the case, having access to your patient portal can make transitioning to a new family doctor much easier. With your records in hand through this online technology, your new family doctor can begin to understand your health history right away. This way, once you change doctors, you are continuing to get the best medical care. 

Better Efficiency:

When you are receiving care from specialists, or if you had to go to the hospital because of a medical emergency, having doctors be able to access your patient portal is extremely helpful. Not only does it cut back on the time to determine what the possible problems could be, but it also ensures that you receive the care that you need right away, even if you are not in the right state to vouch for yourself. 

Understand Your Own Healthcare:

Understanding your own healthcare is more valuable than you might think. It's important that you are able to understand your own healthcare so that you know what medications you can and cannot not take. Plus, for example, if you need a refill on your prescription, but you forget the name of the medicine, you can login into your patient portal to determine what it is. This can save the pharmacist a lot of time trying to figure out if they currently have what you need in stock or if the prescription needs to be filled. You can also better determine what over the counter medications are okay for you to take. All your treatment aftercare should be listed on this portal for you, as well. 

When you know these three reasons to use your patient portal, you can be sure that you don't hesitate on quickly signing up. You never know when it can help in the future. 

For more information about your health and resources available to you, talk with a family doctor, such Harvey Harold E II MD PLLC.