Tips For Camping With A Family Member Who Uses A Wheelchair

Just because one of your family members uses a wheelchair does not mean that you cannot enjoy a camping trip in the mountains this summer. Many wheelchair users camp each year and have a blast doing so! However, planning a camping trip with someone in a wheelchair requires a bit of pre-planning to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy your trip. To this end, here are some tips for planning your accessible camping trip this summer:

Tip: Select and Reserve a Campsite that is Wheelchair Accessible

When you are traveling with someone who uses wheelchairs, you cannot just show up at a campground and select any camping spot for the night. Not all camping spots are appropriate for use for someone in a chair. For this reason, you should always call ahead and reserve an accessible camping space for your trip. When you call the local ranger station for the reservation, make sure that you speak with the reservation agent about the amenities available for your relative who is using the wheelchair. Ask about things such as accessible bathrooms, trails, and fishing ramps.

Tip: Make Sure that Your Tent is Wheelchair Accessible

The nice thing about camping in a tent is that your relative in the wheelchair can easily roll themselves in and out of it. However, you must first make sure that your tent's door is wide enough and has an adequate height for this to be possible. The easiest way to ensure that your tent is going to work well for everyone on your trip is to set it up in your backyard before you leave and test it out. If you find that the tent's door is too small or there isn't enough headroom, then you can always purchase a different tent or borrow one from a friend or relative. 

Tip: Consider Renting an Accessible Recreational Vehicle for Your Trip

Finally, if the area you want to go camping in has accessible trails and fishing areas but their offerings for campsites aren't ideal, then you might want to consider renting an accessible RV for your camping trip. RVs can be rented all over the country and can make your trip a lot easier. An accessible RV will have a bathroom and sleeping quarters that will be a lot easier for your relative to use. As a nice bonus, things like cooking and clean up are always a lot easier in an RV than when you are tent camping.