Business Owners and Smart Technology: Are You Causing Your Own Neck Pain?

If your neck feels stiff and achy at night, take a look at the things you do to run your business during the day. Texting your clients, focusing on your tablet, or performing similar business activities on a smart device forces you to extend, bend, or strain your neck. These little habits cause tension in the hard and soft tissues of your neck over time. Here's how using your smart devices without breaks leads to chronic neck pain.

How Can Your Smart Devices Cause Neck Pain?

If you rely on a tablet, cell phone, or computer to carry out business transactions or communicate with clients on a daily basis, you may want to take a break. Although smart technology and other devices can improve your workflow, the devices may potentially cause problems with your neck, posture, and other body areas.

Most devices require you to look or cast your eyes downward to see or use them. After long-time usage, your head falls forward, causing strain in your neck's muscles. Your shoulders eventually tire out, which causes you to hunch or slouch. Some individuals develop "tech neck." Tech neck can potentially lead to inflammation in your spine, headaches, and back pain.

You can alleviate your pain and keep working, with the right tips.

What Can You Do About Your Neck Pain?

The first step to working pain-free is to find new ways to communicate with clients. Instead of relying on your phone to communicate with clients, have your clients email invoices, requests, and other pertinent information to a business account. You can check your business account every 1-2 hours to avoid missing deadlines.

If your clients require immediate or urgent services, ask them to mark the messages urgent. Most email service providers allow you to re-route urgent messages to your electronic devices, so take advantage of this option for your business needs. If necessary, have an employee check, receive, and filter your messages for you. It may give you a break during the day.

Next, see a pain specialist to treat your neck problems. Neck pain can only get worse without the appropriate treatment. If the pain does spread to your spine and other body areas, it can cause lifelong problems. A specialist may offer soft and hard tissue manipulation to alleviate the tension in your neck. You may also need physical therapy to ease the strain in your muscles.

To learn more about your neck pain and how smart technology can potentially cause it, contact a back pain relief specialist today.