Why Cremation Is The Best Choice When A Loved One Passes Away Without Warning

Although it's widely known that death is a part of life, no one wants to think about the demise of someone they care about. If there is an individual in your life who is dealing with a terminal illness, you're at least given a bit of an opportunity to come to grips with the fact that they will be leaving. But, what happens when a spouse, child, relative, or dear friend passes away without warning? If you're the one in charge of their funeral arrangements it can be hard to put on a brave face and take care of the task. That's why you might find that it's better for you to opt to have them cremated. Listed below are a few of the reasons why cremation is the best choice when a loved one dies without warning:

Viewing The Body Can Be Difficult

Looking at the body of a person that you may have just had a phone conversation or dinner with can be emotionally devastating. Just thinking about the lack of closure and how you had plans with them can be overwhelming, causing you to break down at the funeral because of the strain of it all.

Instead of subjecting yourself to having to view the remains of someone who was close to you, have them cremated instead. You can select an urn that represents something that the individual was fond of. It could be their favorite color, an animal that was special to them or another symbol that they resonated with. Because you won't have to view the actual body lying in a coffin, you might be able to handle the situation with a bit more composure.

Traditional Burial Is Often Expensive

When someone dies suddenly there's a good chance that they may not have made preparations for their final wishes. There could be little to no money available for burial or a funeral, and this puts financial stress on those who remain behind.

Rather than deal with the difficult task of going from person to person and requesting large sums of money for burial, you can go with an inexpensive cremation procedure instead. Hold a memorial service at home and give everyone the chance to give their thoughts. It's not only an affordable sendoff but a heartfelt one.

Cremation can truly help to ease some of the sorrow that is experienced when a person dies all of a sudden. If you ever find yourself in this predicament, carefully ponder in your heart whether or not cremation is the right choice for the occasion. Contact a company like Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel for more information and assistance.