Five Reasons Why You Should Require Pre-Employment Drug Testing For Job Candidates

One of the most helpful things you can do to evaluate job applicants and determine if they're suitable for fulfilling job roles at your company is have them take drug and alcohol tests like the ones offered by Physical Exams Inc

When you hire a new employee, you make an investment in that employee. You need to be confident in that investment to keep your company staffed with quality employees.

The following are five reasons why pre-employment drug testing is a good idea when you're doing the hiring for your company:

Ensuring safety around your facility

As a business owner, you could potentially be held liable for any mistakes your employees make or accidents your employees cause. You need to be able to trust your employees and rest assured that they will not create hazardous situations at your company facilities.

Employees with a drug habit can compromise the safety of your facilities and increase the risks that you'll be held liable for accident injuries. Therefore, drug screening of employment candidates is an important part of keeping your company's facilities safe. 

Minimizing medical costs

Employees who regularly engage in alcohol abuse or recreational drug use are more likely to suffer from health problems than employees without a drug habit. By screening out applicant's who use drugs, you can minimize the medical costs your company has to pay for to keep employees insured and healthy.

Portraying a good image for your company

Requiring drug testing for new employees can put good public relations information out there about your company. Drug testing is the responsible thing for an employer to do to ensure both a safe company and a healthy community.

Also, you don't want new employees to present a bad image for your company by being involved in excessive drug use and consumption. With drug testing, you can avoid problem candidates before they tarnish your company's image. 

Hiring productive employees

When you're hiring, you want to find devoted and disciplined workers. Maintaining productivity is essential to achieving the best possible bottom line.

By weeding out drug users, you will have more reason to believe that you are hiring hard working candidates with integrity. 

Protecting customers

One of your most important assets as a business owner is your customers. If you've been in business for a while, you likely already have an established client base.

You have a responsibility to protect this client base to show your dedication and commitment to your company. Hiring drug users could potentially put your customers at risk. You should therefore conduct drug testing as part of your responsibility toward your customers and community.