3 Separate Body Systems That Benefit From Wellness Programs

If you are considering going on a wellness retreat, you may be surprised at all the unexpected benefits you could enjoy. Not only will a wellness retreat provide calming and relaxing environments in which to rejuvenate your mind, but many of your body systems may benefit as well. Here are three body systems that may become healthier as a result of a wellness retreat and the reasoning behind it:

Cardiovascular System

If you choose to participate in an all-inclusive retreat, diet therapy and fitness may be included in the program. Because of this, you might lose weight and improve your endurance. These, coupled with increasing strength, may have positive effects on your cardiovascular system.

These effects may include a decrease in blood pressure, lower blood glucose levels, better cholesterol readings, and a slower, more regular heart rate. This can dramatically reduce your risk for heart attack and stroke, and in certain cases, blood clot formation. While wellness programs can have a positive impact on your overall state of general health, always check with your physician before embarking on a new diet, exercise, or weight loss program. 

Respiratory System

A fitness retreat will not only help you improve exercise tolerance and increase your strength, it may also help enhance the condition of your respiratory system by improving lung power and capacity. Fitness and wellness camps may also focus on smoking cessation, which is probably the single most important step you can take when trying to make positive changes in your respiratory system and general health.

If you smoke or have respiratory conditions, talk to your doctor prior to your retreat. He or she may recommend that you take things slow in the beginning so that you do not overexert yourself or become short of breath.

Gastrointestinal System

If you are overweight, a wellness retreat may help you shed extra pounds. Excess weight, especially when concentrated around your abdominal area, can lead to a host of digestive and gastrointestinal symptoms such as acid reflux, heartburn, stomach pain, and even hernia development.

Being overweight can push irritating stomach acid into your esophagus and throat, leading to burning sensations, dry cough, a bad taste in your mouth, loss of appetite, and nausea. Even losing a few pounds can improve the condition of your gastrointestinal system, but as with everything else, have a conversation with your health care provider before starting a new weight loss program. 

If you are overweight, need to quit smoking, or want to reduce your risk for heart attack or stroke, consider going on a wellness retreat. The exercise sessions, dietary interventions, relaxing environment, and socialization will have a positive impact on both your physical and emotional health.