3 Ways Permanent Hair Removal Can Help You Put Your Best Face Forward

If you feel self-conscious about unwanted facial hair or find that your makeup doesn't look as natural as you would prefer, permanent hair removal can help you improve your confidence and master your cosmetics. Read on to learn more about the benefits of permanent facial hair removal.

1. Permanent Hair Removal Eliminates Facial Hair That Can Interfere with Makeup Application

One of the hottest trends in the beauty world is removing facial hair to aid in the application of makeup. The reasoning behind this hair removal is simple: facial hair makes it difficult to successfully blend the makeup into the skin. You may find that your makeup even accumulates around the facial hair, resulting in an uneven application. Removing the hair provides a smooth surface to apply your makeup.

Many beauticians also believe that removing facial hair allows the skin to more effectively absorb your facial creams and cosmetics. Your creams and lotions don't have to go through a layer of hair in order to reach your skin. Some women choose to shave or wax this problematic hair. However, permanent laser hair removal is a much better option. Though it takes anywhere from five to eight treatments for permanent hair removal, the effects of a treatment generally last for four to six weeks. 

2. Ingrown Hairs and Other Hair Removal Irritation are a Thing of the Past

Unfortunately, no part of the body is immune to ingrown hairs, including your face. Ingrown hairs occur when a hair grows back into the skin instead of growing out of it. Hair removal methods that neglect to remove the hair down to the follicle increase your likelihood of suffering from an ingrown hair.

Waxing, a popular temporary hair removal method for facial hair, is notorious for only removing a portion of the hair, leaving a blunt portion that may curl into your skin. Laser hair removal will eventually destroy your hair down to the follicle. With each session, the hair follicle becomes smaller, resulting in hair that is lighter, softer, and less likely to produce an ingrown hair.

3. In the Long Run, You Will Save Time

One of the top advantages of permanent hair removal is that it decreases the rate that your hair grows back with every session. Eventually, your hair stops growing back or takes an extended period to grow back.

Since you no longer have to worry about constantly waxing, plucking, or bleaching your facial hair, this means that you have more time for other endeavors. You can use this time for other self-care routines, or you might choose to add this found time to your nightly slumber. Either way, your skin will benefit from simplifying your hair removal routine.

For more information on hair removal treatments, contact your local dermatologist.