Need To Lose Weight? 2 Reasons Your Doctor Might Recommend Duodenal Switch Surgery

Are you tired of carrying around extra body weight? As your friends stress about pre-registering for that triathlon or fitting into those designer jeans, you might worry about not being able to see your kids get married or graduate from high school. However, with the help of weight loss surgery, you might be able to permanently shed those extra pounds. Here are two reasons that your doctor might recommend duodenal switch surgery to help you to lose weight. 

1: Everyone Has A Different Set Of Challenges

When you think about your own personal weight-loss obstacles, it is easy to feel discouraged. While your friend might be able to skip the soda and lose thirty pounds, while you might not see any results, even after months of hard work. Because each person has their own set of genetics and personal challenges, it isn't always easy, or possible, to lose weight on your own. Here are a few obstacles that you might face, and how duodenal switch surgery might help:

  • Past Efforts: Nothing is more frustrating than enduring one weight loss program after another without getting the results that you want. In addition to being emotionally difficult, your body might also become accustomed to certain diets. Fortunately, weight loss surgery is a way to permanently change the way that your body handles food, so that you can lose weight successfully.
  • Complicated Medical Conditions: If you are a diabetic, then you know how difficult it can be to eat properly and manage your sugar levels.  However, because duodenal switch surgery simultaneously limits your food intake and your calorie absorption, it can help you to combat other ailments. In fact, some studies have shown that 98% of type II diabetics became symptom-free because of the procedure. 

If you have struggled with your weight for a long time, talk with your doctor about duodenal switch surgery. To determine if the operation is right for you, your doctor will analyze your previous weight loss efforts and your current health. If you are motivated and determined to lose weight, your doctor might recommend duodenal switch surgery to alleviate your existing medical problems.

2: Better Long-Term Results

Have you ever met your weight loss goal, only to have it vanish before your eyes a few months later? Although nobody likes to regain weight, those pounds can reappear much quicker than they were lost. After you lose weight, it is easy to become complacent about food again, especially since you have already met your goal.

Believe it or not, it is possible to regain weight even after getting some types of weight loss surgery. For example, if you have traditional gastric bypass surgery, drinking soda can stretch out your small stomach, making it possible to eat more than you should. However, duodenal switch surgery has been shown to be more effective at helping people to keep weight off than other procedures.

Duodenal switch surgery uses a two-fold approach to food management. In addition to altering the size of your stomach, much like gastric bypass surgery, surgeons will also reroute your small intestine to limit calorie absorption. In one study, 79% of patients who had duodenal switch surgery were able to keep a significant amount of their excess weight off after two years, compared with 67% of patients who opted for gastric bypass surgery instead. If you need to lose that weight and keep it from creeping back, duodenal switch surgery might be the right operation for you.

By talking with your doctor about duodenal switch surgery, you might be able to overcome your personal challenges and regain control of your weight. For more information, contact a local clinic, like Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas.