Eye Care: 3 Tips To Prevent An Infection From A Corneal Abrasion

You wake up and find that one of your eyes is in absolute pain, is extremely sensitive to light, and is prone to blurry vision. Chances are that the symptoms are caused by a corneal abrasion, which is essentially a scratch or damage to the cornea of your eye. To determine whether or not the issue is indeed caused by a corneal abrasion, a doctor or an ophthalmologist will apply a wetted fluorescein strip to the inside lid or the white of your eye.

Carpal Spasms: What Are They And Why Do Your Hands Have Them?

If you experience chronic muscle spasms or cramps in your hands and fingers and you don’t work in a profession that requires you to use your hands a lot, ask a hand doctor about carpal spasms. Carpal spasms, or carpopedal spasms, typically develop in people who use their hands for a living, such as typists, factory workers, and hair dressers. But the condition can also occur in people who don’t drink enough water each day or who receive insufficient magnesium and calcium in their diets.

4 Early Warning Signs of Osteoporosis

A well-balanced diet, routine exercise, and regular visits to your doctor for checkups are all small tasks you need to do to live a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, even when following these tips, you can develop certain conditions as you age. Osteoporosis is a disease that may stem from genetics, your daily activity levels, or vitamin deficiencies, so it is difficult to avoid. Considering it affects an estimated 200 million women across the world, understanding the signs of osteoporosis is imperative.

Paronchyia: What Can Be Done to Treat It at Home

If you have an infection around the base of your fingernail or cuticle, then you have what is medically known as paronychia. This condition, which usually sounds worse than it is, can be problematic for some individuals who cannot seem to recover from it. Chronic paronychia is troublesome for many people who engage in certain professions or who engage in nail-biting or picking. The good news is that you can effectively treat chronic paronychia at home and end this painful, unsightly infection.

Acetaminophen For Your Child: Understanding The Risks And Alternatives You Might Want To Consider

No caring individual wants to see a child suffer from pain, especially their parent. Several medications are commonly used for the treatment of pain, many of which are available over-the-counter at pharmacies. One such medicine that has been used for many years for the treatment of ordinary childhood pain and fever is acetaminophen. Developed in the late 1800s, the use of acetaminophen has reached near universal acceptance. However, there is accumulating evidence that acetaminophen may not be as effective as once thought for the treatment of pain and fever.

Painful Feet When You Lift Weights? Balance And Strengthen Your Core Muscles And Feet

If you experience pain in your feet every time you lift weights, take time to balance and strengthen your core muscles and feet. The bones in your feet and lower legs bear a great deal of body weight when perform active exercises. If you repeatedly place too much stress on these body areas because your core muscles are too weak to stabilize your body, you can experience a number of injuries, including bone fractures and soft tissue sprains and tears.

Flossing: Is It Really Necessary?

Most people are in the habit of brushing their teeth daily, but there are a lot of people that have never developed the habit of daily flossing. Flossing can be tricky; however, it is one of the best defenses you have against the decay that can form in between your teeth. If you currently do not floss, you may want to start this habit daily to keep your teeth healthier. Here are a few things you should know about flossing your teeth.

4 Things You Need To Know About Superficial Spreading Melanoma

In the United States, one person dies of melanoma every 57 minutes. This deadly skin cancer comes in many forms, but the most common type is superficial spreading melanoma. Here are four things you need to know about superficial spreading melanoma. What are the signs of superficial spreading melanoma? Superficial spreading melanoma has a consistent clinical appearance and can be identified using the ABCD’s of melanoma. ABCD is a mnemonic that stands for asymmetry, border irregularity, color, diameter.

5 Things Lupus Sufferers Need To Know About Pericarditis

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect many organ systems throughout your body, including your cardiovascular system. One of the many heart issues that is associated with lupus is pericarditis. Pericarditis is an inflammation of the pericardium, the tissue that surrounds and cushions your heart. Here are five things lupus sufferers need to know about pericarditis. How does lupus cause pericarditis? Lupus can lead to a lot of heart problems, but pericarditis is the most common lupus-associated heart disease.

When Should (And Shouldn't) You Have An Annual Eye Exam?

If you’ve recently gotten your first job that includes vision insurance among its fringe benefits, you may be taking advantage of a free or discounted eye exam each year. However, for those who don’t have vision insurance and don’t wear contacts or glasses, paying out of pocket for an exam year after year could seem wasteful. How often should you have an eye exam at a clinic like Spectacle Shoppe, Inc.

7 Ways To Maintain Youthful Looking Skin

Although your skin will not stay young looking forever, it is possible to slow down the aging process. If you eat the rights foods and are extra gentle with your skin, it will look beautiful and youthful for years to come. All your friends and family members will ask you how you keep your complexion so gorgeous. Here are seven effective ways to maintain youthful looking skin: Watch What You Eat

4 Non-Surgical Alternatives To A Facelift

When it comes to preventing sagging skin, wrinkles, dark circles around your eyes, and other signs of aging, many people immediately assume that their only option is to go the way of surgery and commit to a facelift. Nothing is further from the truth. The fact of the matter is, is that there are numerous ways you can go about retaining (at the very least) a semblance of your youth without undergoing the knife.

Is It Rosacea, Or Is It Dermatitis?

An estimated 45 million people in the world suffer from rosacea. Some people experience easy flushing, blushing, or a slight discoloration of their cheeks, nose, or forehead. Others who have more severe cases may experience red, swollen facial features, that include small dilated blood vessels. Unfortunately, not everyone who thinks they have rosacea actually do. What appears to be rosacea may be one of several other skin conditions that can cause you to have similar symptoms.

4 Of Your Most Embarrassing Questions About Dental Implants Answered

If you have a missing tooth or several missing teeth, then you may be looking into dental implants to replace them and obtain a beautiful smile you love again. However, you may have questions about the implants that you feel a bit embarrassed to ask your dentist. While you should never be afraid to ask your dentist or implant specialist any question they can answer, here are a few answers to some questions about dental implants that may provide you the information you need or simply remind you that no question is off limits when it comes to your overall or oral health.

Why Won't Your Eye Bags And Puffy Cheeks Go Away?

You do everything you can to get rid of the bags under your eyes and puffiness in your cheeks, including placing used coffee grounds on your eyelids. Many of these DIY tips only work for a little while or not at all. Although it’s easy to follow the latest DIY trend in getting rid of your eye bags and puffy cheeks, simply changing how you sleep, eat and exercise each day are all you need to do.

Benefits Of Visiting A Dermatologist When You Have Cellulitis

Cellulitis is a bacterial infection that can affect the layers of your skin along with the subcutaneous layer of tissue beneath. If left untreated, cellulitis can continue to spread into deeper tissues of the body and eventually cause necrosis. In serious cases, untreated cellulitis can quickly turn deadly. Because cellulitis is an infection that affects the skin, it is highly recommended that you visit a dermatologist for treatment. Reduce the Likelihood of Misdiagnosis

Autism & Obesity in Children: Advice for Parents

Experts estimate that more than 3.5 million Americans are now living with an autism spectrum disorder, with an increasing number of new diagnoses each year. The symptoms of autism vary from one person to another, but autistic children must often contend with behavioral issues that can cause problems in daily life. Find out how obesity affects autistic children, and learn more about the steps parents can take to tackle this problem.

5 Ways To Manage Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is incredibly common among people all over the world. When it comes to back pain, people tend to suffer from lower back pain more than any other form of back pain. Usually, this is due to misusing the way we should use our back. Luckily for you, this guide will serve to tell you of a number of ways to manage your lower back pain. There are a number of things that you can do in service of your back’s health.

Glaucoma Over 20: Why Do You Have It And How Can Eye Stent Surgery Help?

If you’re in your 20s and your eye doctor diagnoses you with glaucoma,  protect your vision now with eye stent surgery. Although glaucoma generally develops in people 40 years old and up, it can occur in younger adults. Your eye doctor calls this rare condition early-onset glaucoma. Without the right treatment, your early-onset glaucoma can lead to blindness. Here’s why you have early-onset glaucoma and how eye stent improves your vision.

Young Athletes: Healthy And Young But Still Susceptible To Cardiac Arrest

No one expects a young athlete to suddenly fall prey to a heart attack, but it does happen. And according to the “New York Times,” this frightening condition is not as rare as once thought. In fact, in this nation alone, approximately 2,000 young people who are under the age of 25 die annually after having a sudden cardiac arrest. What’s worse is that many people assume that athletes are so healthy that they have some sort of immunity to cardiac arrest, which is actually – and surprisingly – somewhat opposite of the truth.

Diabetes And Your Health: Understanding, Preventing And Treating Hard-To-Heal Wounds

If you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, you may be overwhelmed with information about how this disease can affect your life. For many the initial concern focuses on a change in lifestyle that includes controlling carbs, exercising and losing weight to get the glucose levels in the blood under control. But there are other health risks you should be aware of. Difficult or slow wound healing is one of them.

Yo-Yo Dieting Might Be Causing Your Lower Back Pain

Are you always trying out a new diet fad? Are you initially successful at dropping weight while on those diets, only to find those pounds back on your body a few months down the road? You may already know that this pattern of behavior is called yo-yo dieting, and that it can have negative psychological effects on your body, and boost your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and gallbladder disease; but did you know that it can also cause lower back pain?

Which "Eye Doctor" Do I See For What?

You may use one term to refer to three different eye care professionals without ever realizing it. In fact, most people will say “eye doctor” to refer to any healthcare provider who checks their eyes, even though only one is a medical doctor. The term means different things to different people. To some people, the term means the person who checks their vision. To others, it refers to the individual who fits them with glasses or contact lenses.

Recognizing And Treating Endometriosis

Many women experience some pain during their monthly periods, but when that pain becomes unbearable, it may be a sign of an underlying condition. Endometriosis, which affects about five million American women, can cause menstrual cramps to be much more painful than normal. If you believe that you or a loved one could have endometriosis, here is some information that can help you learn more about the debilitating disorder. What Is Endometriosis?

How To Prepare For A Transabdominal Ultrasound

If you are a woman who has been having difficulties with your bladder, ovaries, cervix, fallopian tubes, or uterus, then your physician may want you to schedule a transabdominal ultrasound that involves placing a small device called a transducer over your abdomen. The transducer is moved around, and a technician will take measurements and pictures of your organs. The ultrasound is usually pretty easy and it probably will not take very long. However, if you have never gone through the ultrasound procedure, then you may want to know about a few things you should do to prepare for one.

Hand And Foot Pain? Natural Treatments For Your Rheumatoid Arthritis

Light hand pain is normal with age, but ongoing joint pain that radiates through your hands, wrist, and arm may be a sign of rheumatoid arthritis. To move and complete basic tasks, the small bones and joints in your hands and feet are constantly working. This constant motion affects the lining of your joints, causing your hands and feet to swell. While painful, rheumatoid arthritis can also wear down your bones and inhibit your mobility.

How To Improve Your Autistic Child's Home Life With A Stair Lift

When severe autism limits your child’s ability to move their body, a multi-story house becomes a challenging place rather than a comforting sanctuary. Even autistic children that walk just fine can end up trapped on the first floor if the idea of climbing stairs overloads them. Before renovating your entire interior to fit the needs of your special needs kid, try installing a helpful stair lift and gradually getting your child used to the equipment.

6 Things Parents Need To Know About Hereditary Gingival Fibromatosis

There are many genetic dental disorders that can affect a child’s mouth. Hereditary gingival fibromatosis is one of these disorders. It causes an overgrowth of gum tissue in the mouth, and can have serious effects on a child’s oral health. Here’s what you need to know about this rare disorder. What causes hereditary gingival fibromatosis? This disorder is caused by a mutation in the genes. Researchers have discovered that the gene responsible is called the Son of sevenless-1 (SOS1) gene.

4 Sore Throat Causes Easily Treated At Walk In Clinics

Many cold and flu viruses cause intense throat pain that makes it difficult to eat, drink or talk comfortably. Unfortunately, if the pain lasts for more than a week, you are likely dealing with a completely different cause of your discomfort. Furthermore, pain levels that continually rise indicate the sore throat origins go far beyond a common cold or flu virus. Thankfully, walk in clinic physicians can diagnosis and treat most conditions that cause a sore throat to help you quickly recover.

Techniques Chiropractors Use To Help Eliminate Pain

Visiting a chiropractor is an ideal way to find relief from back pain, and chiropractors use a variety of techniques and equipment to help reduce the pain people are experiencing. The most common technique used is a spinal adjustment, which involves getting your back and neck cracked, but there are many other techniques a chiropractor may suggest to you to help you become pain-free. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) A TENS unit is a piece of equipment used for this particular type of therapy.

How A Laser Could Replace Traditional Root Canal Therapy

Over 15 million people in the United States undergo root canal therapy every year. That aside, 15 percent of people who need treatment avoid going to see a root canal specialist because of unwarranted fears about the procedure. While root canal techniques are now more advanced than ever, most patients would agree that they would rather not have a root canal at all. The good news is that researchers may have found a way to deal with dental problems in a way that could spell the end of traditional root canal therapy.

8 Natural Methods To Treat Your Morning Sickness At Home

If you are pregnant, you have probably experienced some form of nausea or vomiting during pregnancy (commonly referred to as morning sickness); between 80 and 90% of pregnant women have morning sickness to some degree. There are some medications available to help with the condition, but many pregnant women do not want to take medications when there are more natural options available. Luckily, there are plenty of natural methods to cure morning sickness that you can use at home!

The Effect Of Cycling On Your Legs And Feet

If you’ve been cycling for any length of time, you’ve probably had a few injuries whilst exercising. With cycling, the majority of these injuries likely occur around the neck and shoulders due to your slouched riding position. However, the sport can cause also cause some problems with your feet and legs.  Cycling And Podiatry The link between cycling and foot problems shouldn’t be too surprising; when you cycle, you are transferring a significant amount of force on to the bike pedal to move the bicycle forwards.

Living With Lumbar Spinal Stenosis? Understand, Treat, And Recover From Spinal Stenosis

From arthritis and wrinkles to memory loss, age causes many physical and emotional changes in a person. While many of these changes are impossible to avoid, treatments are available for many patients who prefer a more comfortable, fulfilling life. Common in patients 50 years old and over, spinal stenosis stems from a progressing arthritis, damage to ligaments, or an injury affecting your disc. Thankfully, this guide can help you understand, treat, and recovery from spinal stenosis.

How To Manage Fibromyalgia Pain Without Prescription Medications

Fibromyalgia is a disease that causes people to have overactive nerves. The overactive nerves cause chronic muscle pain. Small amounts of activity can give people injury-like pain. There is no cure for fibromyalgia and it can be extremely difficult to manage. Doctors are hesitant to give opiates to fibromyalgia patients, making the patients struggling to manage their pain. If you are dealing with fibromyalgia pain, here are some tips for coping.   Diet

2 Ways To Save Money On Hearing Aids

If you have been recently diagnosed with hearing loss, you might be surprised to learn that most insurance carriers won’t help to foot the bill for your hearing aids. Unfortunately, these devices aren’t cheap. In fact, a set of hearing aids can cost upwards of $6,000, and they only last about 3-5 years. However, you might be able to save a chunk of change on your hearing aids by doing one of these two things:

How Your Level Of Pronation Affects You As A Runner

As a runner, you take thousands of strides a day. In an ideal world, you would land on your midfoot with your ankle perfectly in line with your heel and your knee. Your foot would roll just slightly inward (about 15 degrees) as it comes into complete contact with the ground, before you push off again and take your next stride. Pronation is a word to describe the inward “rolling” of your ankle as your foot comes into contact with the ground.

Don't Worry If You Forgot Your Toothbrush! Five Good (And One Bad) Alternatives To Brushing Your Teeth

When you leave the confines of your home for more than a day, there are some things you always make a habit of packing, and your toothbrush is probably toward the top of the list. Forgetting it can be a source of anxiety and frustration, especially if you don’t have easy access to a replacement. However, if you do leave home without remembering your toothbrush, don’t panic. You don’t need to go straight to a cosmetic dentistry specialist.

Viral-Induced Asthma: How To Protect Your Child This Winter

Does your child have asthma? If so, you already expect flare-ups during physical exertion or when allergies are in full swing. However, did you know that the reason your child has asthma flare ups during bouts of common colds or flu could be because of viral-induced asthma? Viral-induced asthma ramps up the danger of respiratory complications from both the rhinovirus (RV), also known as the common cold, and Influenza Type A.

Chiropractic Care May Help After A Failed Laminectomy

If you had a type of back surgery known as a laminectomy and it didn’t work to stop your chronic back pain, no doubt you’re feeling frustrated and maybe even depressed. Although your doctor probably warned you back surgery isn’t always successful, it’s still troubling to go through the operation and not feel much better. A chiropractor may be able to help relieve some of that chronic pain, since these practitioners specialize in treating problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Need To Lose Weight? 2 Reasons Your Doctor Might Recommend Duodenal Switch Surgery

Are you tired of carrying around extra body weight? As your friends stress about pre-registering for that triathlon or fitting into those designer jeans, you might worry about not being able to see your kids get married or graduate from high school. However, with the help of weight loss surgery, you might be able to permanently shed those extra pounds. Here are two reasons that your doctor might recommend duodenal switch surgery to help you to lose weight.

Home Alone: How Young Is Too Young?

Every parent must decide when the time is right to let children stay home alone. If your family includes two parents who work, your children may end up being what is known as latch-key kids, or children who stay home by themselves after school and until parents come home. Your decision to leave your children home alone will depend on many factors. Here are a few.  What is the Law?

Types Of Psychotherapy That Can Benefit Cancer Patients

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you are probably seeing many professionals. It is likely that you have an oncologist and possible a surgeon as well as nutrition experts, general care doctors and chemotherapy providers. You might not want to add another appointment to your list of cancer treatments, but you should take time to consider getting psychotherapy to help you cope with your diagnosis and treatment. Here are some types of psychotherapy you can pursue and reasons why they may be helpful to you.

Treatment Options For Seasonal Allergies

Suffering from seasonal allergies can be a nightmare that never seems to end, especially if the symptoms are bad most of the year. Seasonal allergies can be hard to treat, and it is something that seems to have no cure. If you are tired of living like this, you may want to visit an allergy doctor for help. There may be things that can be done to treat your allergy condition.

4 Ways To Avoid Dry Socket After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Dry socket is the loss of the protective blood clot in the gap where your tooth used to be. Once this blood clot is gone, the alveolar bone is directly exposed, causing an immense amount of pain and discomfort. Although dry socket only affects up to 5% of patients after wisdom tooth removal, it’s painful enough that you should do everything you can to actively prevent its occurrence. Here are four things that can help keep your blood clots in place to avoid dry socket.

3 Types Of Spinal Stenosis Treatment: Home Remedies, Minimally Invasive Treatments & Surgeries

Spinal stenosis is an extremely painful condition in the spine. It is caused when the spine begins to grow bone spurs to fill the spaces where the discs in the spine have degenerated. The bone spurs narrow the spinal column and the neural foramina. This causes the spinal cord and nerves to become pinched, resulting in severe pain. Although spinal stenosis isn’t a condition that you can cure, there are treatment options to lessen the pressure and alleviate some or most of the pain.