Don't Worry If You Forgot Your Toothbrush! Five Good (And One Bad) Alternatives To Brushing Your Teeth

When you leave the confines of your home for more than a day, there are some things you always make a habit of packing, and your toothbrush is probably toward the top of the list. Forgetting it can be a source of anxiety and frustration, especially if you don’t have easy access to a replacement. However, if you do leave home without remembering your toothbrush, don’t panic. You don’t need to go straight to a cosmetic dentistry specialist.

Viral-Induced Asthma: How To Protect Your Child This Winter

Does your child have asthma? If so, you already expect flare-ups during physical exertion or when allergies are in full swing. However, did you know that the reason your child has asthma flare ups during bouts of common colds or flu could be because of viral-induced asthma? Viral-induced asthma ramps up the danger of respiratory complications from both the rhinovirus (RV), also known as the common cold, and Influenza Type A.

Chiropractic Care May Help After A Failed Laminectomy

If you had a type of back surgery known as a laminectomy and it didn’t work to stop your chronic back pain, no doubt you’re feeling frustrated and maybe even depressed. Although your doctor probably warned you back surgery isn’t always successful, it’s still troubling to go through the operation and not feel much better. A chiropractor may be able to help relieve some of that chronic pain, since these practitioners specialize in treating problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Need To Lose Weight? 2 Reasons Your Doctor Might Recommend Duodenal Switch Surgery

Are you tired of carrying around extra body weight? As your friends stress about pre-registering for that triathlon or fitting into those designer jeans, you might worry about not being able to see your kids get married or graduate from high school. However, with the help of weight loss surgery, you might be able to permanently shed those extra pounds. Here are two reasons that your doctor might recommend duodenal switch surgery to help you to lose weight.

Home Alone: How Young Is Too Young?

Every parent must decide when the time is right to let children stay home alone. If your family includes two parents who work, your children may end up being what is known as latch-key kids, or children who stay home by themselves after school and until parents come home. Your decision to leave your children home alone will depend on many factors. Here are a few.  What is the Law?

Types Of Psychotherapy That Can Benefit Cancer Patients

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you are probably seeing many professionals. It is likely that you have an oncologist and possible a surgeon as well as nutrition experts, general care doctors and chemotherapy providers. You might not want to add another appointment to your list of cancer treatments, but you should take time to consider getting psychotherapy to help you cope with your diagnosis and treatment. Here are some types of psychotherapy you can pursue and reasons why they may be helpful to you.

Treatment Options For Seasonal Allergies

Suffering from seasonal allergies can be a nightmare that never seems to end, especially if the symptoms are bad most of the year. Seasonal allergies can be hard to treat, and it is something that seems to have no cure. If you are tired of living like this, you may want to visit an allergy doctor for help. There may be things that can be done to treat your allergy condition.

4 Ways To Avoid Dry Socket After Wisdom Tooth Removal

Dry socket is the loss of the protective blood clot in the gap where your tooth used to be. Once this blood clot is gone, the alveolar bone is directly exposed, causing an immense amount of pain and discomfort. Although dry socket only affects up to 5% of patients after wisdom tooth removal, it’s painful enough that you should do everything you can to actively prevent its occurrence. Here are four things that can help keep your blood clots in place to avoid dry socket.

3 Types Of Spinal Stenosis Treatment: Home Remedies, Minimally Invasive Treatments & Surgeries

Spinal stenosis is an extremely painful condition in the spine. It is caused when the spine begins to grow bone spurs to fill the spaces where the discs in the spine have degenerated. The bone spurs narrow the spinal column and the neural foramina. This causes the spinal cord and nerves to become pinched, resulting in severe pain. Although spinal stenosis isn’t a condition that you can cure, there are treatment options to lessen the pressure and alleviate some or most of the pain.