Being Investigated By The Nurse Licensing Board? What To Do

Receiving a letter that you're a target of an investigation by your state's Nursing Licensing Board can send shivers down your spine. Whether you were expecting a complaint or were totally surprised to learn the news, fighting for your license is important. If the Board finds you guilty, they could suspend your license, which will affect your ability to work and make a living. That could have catastrophic consequences for your life. Therefore, taking these actions during the investigation is vital.

Remain Calm

Your first instinct may be to cry, yell or scream at the people you feel are responsible for this possibly life-altering situation. You may know exactly who could have contacted the Nursing Board and want to address them directly. If you don't know who the complainant is, you may feel suspicious of everyone at work. These negative feelings don't serve you, nor do they help with your case.

Instead, your goal should be to remain calm and pleasant to everyone you come into contact with. Acting out will only exacerbate the situation, and you need to ensure that the rest of your record is without reproach during this time.

Investigate Insurance Details

Malpractice insurance might have been something you signed up for without ever expecting to need it. However, now that you're facing your own investigation, it's time to look at the insurance you've got and find out how it can be helpful. The insurance may cover attorney costs and provide you with other safeguards throughout the investigation.

Gather Documentation

If you already have some idea about the complaint that landed you in trouble but know that more information is needed, start gathering your proof. For instance, if you know that a patient's family conspired against you based on faulty information, you can gather nursing notes that show they are being untruthful. If you don't know where the complaint came from, you can gather statements from others saying what a good nurse you are.

Contact a Nursing Attorney

You'll need help addressing the Board's complaint and to get through the investigation. A nursing attorney who deals with these investigations every day is a treasure trove of information and help. Having them as a Nursing Licensing Board investigation resource can give you some relief as you deal with this difficult situation.

Being investigated by your state's Nursing Licensing Board isn't easy. By taking your lawyer's advice and utilizing suggestions like these, you can hopefully get out from under the cloud of suspicion and get back to caring for patients without a problem.