Scheduling Your Cataract Eye Surgery

Many people start to experience small issues with their eyes. These symptoms may be briefly discussed with a primary care provider. Some people will go to the provider that helps them with their prescription, but they will need a specialist who can help through surgery. Here are a few tips for having a successful cataract eye surgery.

It can take a bit of additional extra to find the right provider to assess the health of the eye. Many people are suffering from chronic conditions that have led to their eye health deteriorating. Glaucoma, diabetic eye issues, and degeneration of the eye are caused by a whole host of issues. It is common for the diabetes specialist to send a referral for the ophthalmologist because they know that is not their area of expertise. 

Expect the ophthalmologist to clearly speak on what is currently wrong with the eye. They will reveal the full diagnosis of issues that they are able to correct, and those they cannot. During this appointment, the staff will need a full list of medications. This is important due to preventing any problems with medication that will be prescribed for recovery after cataract surgery. The initial consultation for the cataract eye surgery will set a date for the procedure. Always ask about any risks and the time frame for recovery. Cataract surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure and the entire visit should only last a few hours. Plan for assistance on the day of surgery to safely make it back home. 

Some health care plans will require prior authorization for cataract eye surgery. The office staff often gives enough time for the authorization to be processed and approved. Always make sure that prior authorizations have been approved, prior to the surgery date. The cataract eye surgery clinic will be able to go over payment options prior to the procedure. They may have payment plans available and be able to see what the copayment is after insurance plans have been applied. 

Choosing to move forward with the surgery when first presented with the surgery date is important. The initial appointment is many times hard to get with popular local surgeons with a great reputation. Always reach out to the cataract surgeons' staff for questions prior to the surgery and when gathering supplies needed during recovery. Use these tips when finding a reputable ophthalmology provider for cataract eye surgery.